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Here are some hints to consider: If you have a helpful hint please submit it in comments.

Role of chaperones
Role of Chaperones
Your chaperones are essential to most of our programs. Ways that chaperones can be helpful are:
  • Help kids stay focused on the activities.
  • Help get the class to the program on time as we may have back to back lessons that day and need to stay on schedule. The kids lose if part of thier program time is taken up by being late.
  • Try to help keep the kids dry and warm when outdoors.
  • Sometimes we will call on a chaperone to help assist us in a class.
The Scholastic Company asked educators about their best (and worst) class trips. They say:

Great chaperones...
• Show up on time or a few minutes early
• Have a great attitude about the destination
• Ask kids questions
• Talk to all the students — even the ones they don't like
• Carry napkins, water, and first-aid supplies
• Learn the names of each child in their charge
• Stick with their kids at all times
• Can stay calm in the event of an emergency
• Report serious disciplinary problems to teacher
• Follow all school guidelines
• Take headcounts periodically
• Share the rules with their group
• Treat it as a job
• Be there for the kids
• Have a good sense of humor

Not-so-good chaperones...
• Grumble when things go wrong or aren't organized
• Play favorites with the students
• Contradict directions
• Drink or smoke in front of the students
• Show up late
• Dress inappropriately for the outing
• Bring other children along
• Get frazzled by groups of kids and lose control
• Assume too much disciplinary responsibility
• Scare kids into submission
• Try to videotape the outing as well as chaperone
• Chat on their cell phones
• Gossip about student information they learn on the trip
For more great tips for chaperones see www.scolastic.com/



Safety Information Contacts
Contacts Info                         Phone Number
Homer Police                         911 or   235-3150
Homer Fire Station              911 or  235-3155
Homer Harbormaster          907-235-3160
Homer Medical  Clinic          907-235-8586
South Peninsula Hospital  907-235-8101
Animal Control Shelter       907-235-3141

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Always be ready for things that  might happen.
Know these contacts so you have them if you need them.