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Are you interested in receiving timely information about K - 12 coastal science opportunities, resources and news for students in Alaska?


If so, join the KBay Teacher Listserve by contacting Carmen Field at the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve.


 Kachemak Bay

Environmental Education Resource Guide


This listing of resources will act as a foundation and will be updated regularly as new sources are found or developed. Any suggestions you may have for this list we'd love to hear about. Please let us know in Comments.


The Resource Guide is organized into four categories: Curricula and More; Field Guides and Books; Kits; and Web Sites. These categories were chosen to correspond with the Alaska Natural Resource and Outdoor Education (ANROE) Resource Guide that is published annually.


Curricula and More includes on-site activity lessons plans, pre and post lessons, and useful resources such as films and CD ROMs. These were chosen for use by teachers in preparation or as a follow-up to a visit to Kachemak Bay.


Field Guides and Books includes marine plant and animal resources lists, books, and cards that will be useful to teachers to use in the field or for planning lessons.


Kits are assemblages of activities, photos, artifacts, and other materials that are available for teachers to use at their school setting.


Web Sites are active Internet web locations that would be useful for teachers. Those that are included are those that have been identified by the Kachemak Bay Planning Team partners. Many of the sites identified have links to additional educational sites. Other Kachemak Bay site addresses will be added with the formal Kachemak Bay web site.


A list of source contacts that identifies where and how to obtain each resource is listed below:


Alaska Natural History Association

AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center

95 Sterling Highway

Homer, Alaska 99603




Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center

95 Sterling Highway

Homer, Alaska 99603

Phone: (907) 235-6961

FAX: (907) 235-7469



Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies

708 Smokey Way

PO Box 2225 Homer, Alaska 99603

Phone: (907) 235 –6667

FAX: (907) 235-6668



Kachemak Bay Research Reserve

AK Islands & Ocean Visitor Center

95 Sterling Highway

Homer, Alaska 99603

Phone: 907-235-4799

FAX: 235-4794


Pratt Museum

3779 Bartlett Street

Homer, AK 99603

Phone: (907) 235-8635

FAX: (907) 235-2764



Sea Grant

University of Alaska Fairbanks

PO Box 755040

Fairbanks, AK  99775-5040

Phone: (907) 474-7086



Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

Homer Field Office

2181 Kachemak Drive

Homer, Alaska 99603

Phone: (907) 235-7903

Fax: (907) 235-7970



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